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Brief History

In 1983 a small group consisting of 3 families (Jackson, Jensen & Darby) and 2 singles (Georgina Schilder (now Voschezang), and Rosemary Burns) formed the nucleus of the Franklin Reformed Fellowship meeting for regular bible studies. A couple of these families were members of the North Shore Reformed Church so together with the North Shore Session began exploring the possibility of commencing a home mission work in the Pukekohe area.

Bible studies continued throughout 1984, with planning underway to start afternoon services in Pukekohe. On the first Sunday of February 1985 @ 4.30pm, held in the St Johns Ambulance Hall, was the inaugural worship service of the now called Reformed Presbyterian Fellowship Pukekohe.


By 1986 the Pukekohe Fellowship was able to purchase the old Baptist Church building (our current site). Michael Flinn became the resident vicar.

In January 1987 morning and evening worship services we held in our very own building.

Covenant Christian School was a big focus for church members. Started by fellowship members in July 1987 using church buildings. This continued until the school moved to its own property in January 1996 and became Pukekohe Christian School.

Institution was on 5th February 1989, with John Haverland then minster from Bucklands Beach, preaching the first sermon to the now Pukekohe Reformed Church. Michael Flinn was officially called to be the 1st minster of Pukekohe.

Founding members: 15 families, 2 singles making 27 professing members and 29 baptismal members.

Michael Flinn was called to Christchurch at the end of 1997. In 2003 John Haverland became the minister of PRC.

The congregation steadily grew and by 2012 the old facilities were busting. A total rebuild was completed in March 2014.

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